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Thread: Draeger Dolphin for sale

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    Draeger Dolphin for sale

    Have a used Dolphin for sale - ~25 hours use on it. Purchased in 2001. Am original owner.
    Has all original components - only 1 item is OUT OF SERVICE (the Oxygauge PO2 meter is inoperable and will have to be replaced - leak damaged the electronics).

    White shell, regulator, flow meter, flow rate testing gear, Carry-Storage container, scrubber canister, inhalation/exhalation bags, Blue 4 L steel cylinder, breathing hoses-mouth piece, BC with filling hose, NEW Oxy sensor (2007) and all other misc. parts.
    Shell Serial #: 008429006

    Accessories: Besides the standard Nitrox cylinder - also includes a larger (5L) aluminum Nitrox cylinder. Bailout pouch and 2 L air cylinder with valve. Scrubber cannister spacer (allows you to 1/2 fill the cannister for shorter-time dives, thus saving on DIVESORB)

    Has not been serviced in about 1.5 yrs but was last used in Aug 07 without any problems - except (this is when ppO2 meter was leak damaged)

    Have Pictures of all the components - available upon request.

    Asking price: $2000 USD (buyer pays for shipping) -- will negotiate if reasonable offer

    Location: Hitchcock, Texas USA
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