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Thread: Idea for adding weight to backplate

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    Idea for adding weight to backplate

    Hi Folks
    I suspect many of you, like me, need a reasonable amount of weight when diving with a drysuit. On OC this was easy to sort out with v weights, but since having my Meg I've been looking for another solution. Up until now I've been using a mixture of soft weight in the back of the CL + a weight inside the V of the plate.
    I recently got some of Peter from V4Tec's weights and one of his STA, but instead of using the weights atached to the STA as intended (would be a pain on the Meg as I'm using jubilee clips rather than cambands), I've drilled my plate and attached them direct to that. I'm pleased with the results so thought I'd share a few pics. The advantage of this is that it is 30 secs to remove the weights or change for different size if moving from salt to fresh water.
    If you want to do this, I found a 13mm (1/2 inch) hole with a 16mm countersink works a treat.
    Top marks to Peter at V4Tec for service as well.
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