Anything travel related with your Rebreather lives here although we have a few other sections of the site which may be of interest too.

If you are looking for a Rebreather Friendly Desintation then be sure to check out our Rebreather Friendly Destinations Database.

Like wise if you have been to great Rebreather Friendly Destination that we don't know about then be sure to add it to our database.

It is always great to read reviews as well of your holidays with Rebreathers so why not write a more indepth review of a destination, our indepth reviews live here, and if you want to add a review then that is here. We have a slight hiccup currently in that if you add an article you have to upload at least one photo which acts ad the articles image, so please add a photo!

Other than those if you have any general questions then this forum is home for it, or if you are planning trips, holidays and expeditions and want to invite others or tell us about yoru exploits!

Even if you have a few spaces on your boat for this weekend any where in the world - then invite us all in here!