I'm considering a trip to Nassau, Bahamas in September with my LDS, and I'm wanting to bring my Dräger Dolphin with me. Since I will be flying, I am trying to minimize weight considerations, so I'm looking to find two things locally if possible: Sorb, and a Dräger tank. I contacted the shop we will be diving with (Stuarts Cove), and they were not terribly helpfull. They of course only have standard AL 80's with yolk valves, so I'm SOL there. If they had DINs, I'd be at least able to use my converter, but no joy there.

Does anyone know of a technical dive shop in Nassau, one that may have DIN tanks or Dräger tanks for rent, and also any sorce of dive sorb on the island? Stuarts Cove was pretty much unwilling to refer me to someone else, but I would think that since rebreathers are almost becoming commonplace, that someone would have at least the sorb.