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I just received the following message. Please inquire directly to the QRSOC if you have any questions.


Unauthorized Line Changes
Grand Cenote / Cenote Kalimba area of Sistema Sac Actun
A safety bulletin was sent out by the QRSOC on the 5th February 2007
regarding the Cenote Kalimba section of Sac Actun (see bulletin copied
below). It was reported to the QRSOC on the 12th February that changes had been made to
the permanent markers in this region of the cave and that they were now pointing to Grand
Cenote / Cenote Hotul rather than the nearest exit at Cenote Kalimba.
One of the Safety Officers dived Sac Actun yesterday (Tuesday 13th Feb) to further
investigate the report. Several major changes were observed in both permanent lines and
permanent line markers all the way from Grand Cenote to Cenote Kalimba that drastically
change navigation within the cave. Additionally the blank line arrows that had been
removed were replaced with line arrows bearing the name of a local dive shop. These
changes were made without authorization by either the landowner or the QRSOC.
Additionally no notification of any changes was made to the landowner, the QRSOC or the
wider cave diving community as a whole.
Actions such as this have a negative impact on cave diver safety, conservation and
landowner relations. Once again the QRSOC asks the person/s responsible for this selfish
and dangerous behavior to stop immediately. There is already in place an established
protocol to follow should any one feel a permanent line or marker change is required.
The QRSOC once again asks all divers without exception to assist in
maintaining consistency of the permanent lines and markers by following this protocol.
As of Tuesday 13th February the permanent lines and markers are set up as
The snap and gap intersection between the Kalimba and Paso Del Largato lines that had
previously been removed has been made a permanent T intersection. The T intersection is
marked with double blank yellow line arrows pointing to the exit at Cenote Hotul / Grand
Cenote and a single blank yellow line arrow points to the exit at Cenote Kalimba. This
intersection has been set up this way in accordance with the wishes of the majority of
the cave divers who responded to the 4 options presented in the November newsletter prior
to the collapse at Cenote Kalimba. We would ask all Cave Divers to respect that and to
not change it.
All other line arrows on the Paso Del Largato line downstream of this
intersection are pointing to the exits at Cenote Hotul and Grand Cenote. All line arrows
on the Kalimba line are pointing to the exit at Cenote Kalimba. Please be aware that
while the collapse a Cenote Kalimba as now been cleared allowing entry and exit there
visibility in the area of the Cenote may well be poor due to continuing work by the
landowner who is now dredging silt from the newly created open water area.
If anyone has any information on who is responsible for making these or any other
unauthorized changes please e-mail it to the QRSOC.
The QRSOC would like to thank the person who reported the changes and appreciates all the
support from both visiting and local cave divers.
Cenote Kalimba Update.
As of 5th February 2007
The collapse at Cenote Kalimba has now been cleared and there is access to the open water
and an exit. It is once again possible to enter and exit at Cenote Kalimba. All relevant
directional markers have been changed to reflect this. If you are diving upstream on the
Paso Del Largato line from Grand Cenote or Cenote Hotul the permanent line markers are
set up as follows:
Double yellow line arrows mark the jump from the Paso Del Largato line to the start of
the Kalimba line. There is a single yellow line arrow at the start of the Kalimba line
pointing out to the double yellow line arrows and the exit at Grand Cenote / Cenote
Hotul. After you are on the Kalimba line all further line arrows point to the exit at
The QRSOC would like to thank Maureen Lunney and John Ivanic for assisting one of the
Safety officers in making the changes. The QRSOC would again please ask that no
unauthorized changes be made to the
permanent lines or markers in this or any other cave system.