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  1. I had been diving a lot, in warm humid climate after each dive I disinfected the loop using steramine tablets in water. My errors could be in not let the loop and mouthpiece dry out completely between dives, and using steramine tablets which are NOT a fungicide and are made for the catering industry to prevent bacterial contamination of food surfaces.

    To finish I recently found I have a severe allergy to mold. Histamine is a neurotransmitter meaning it can affect the autonomic nervous system i.e. heart rate, and it also contracts muscles- hence shortnesss of breath, despite being 100% saturated with oxygen as I found out in hospital. It can also cause face flushing and temperature changes. These are symptoms I had on my unit- which I thought or considered were CO2 but am now considering it to be an allergic response to mold on my inner mouth piece or loop/lungs. And now using a disinfectant that is a fungicide as well as bacteriocide and NOT using steramine tablets.
  2. This message may only apply to a few rebreather divers, that have mold allergies, but thought I would like to share my experiences, as it may assist someone else at some point.

    I had two incidences on my meg about a year ago - about 5-10 mins into the dive - felt something was not right, felt short of breath, so turned the dive - had sudden tachycardia (heart rate shot up) and flushing of skin. Thought initially was CO2 due to shortness of breath - tore my rig apart checking everything - nothing was amiss. The next DPV dive went smoothly, but the third dive the same happened. So again took everything apart - the only thing I found was a small plaque of (bacteria?) on the exhalant grid where the mushroom valve sits. So completely disinfected all mouthpiece with propanol alcohol and changed mushroom valve. Was confused also because CO2 symptoms didnt add up - no residual headache, no confusion, but I assumed it was CO2 at the time nothing else fit.
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