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Posted on: 23rd July 2012

Burnt to the waterline did it not?
Posted on: 12th February 2009

Excellent operation. Very friendly and professional and reliable. Check them out for doing the 'extreme drift dive' in Dodds Narrows, and for the Cape Breton and Saskatchewan artificial reefs.

The CB is the best wreck dive on the coast for its big open passages. The Saskatchewan has more life and is a little shallower. Both are cadillac wreck penetration dives.
Posted on: 13th December 2008

Very Rebreather Friendly, O2 right on the boat. Plus 2 Fill wips giving HP Air Dil Fills. Big Comfortable Boat and yes there really is Hot Coffee or Hot Chocolate after the Dives, plus pie. A great Lunch was also provided between dives. Ken is very knowledgeable about rebreathers and understands them. Besides being friendly, a very relaxed atmosphere prevails on the boat. No Rush to get in or out of the water.
Posted on: 23rd August 2007

You'll have a great time with Ken and Caroline. Boat has plenty of room and is RB friendly. You'll get your O2 and Dil bottle's filled during your SI/lunch break.

I have been diving of off Diver's Choice Charters for over three years now and recommend them to every diver I see.

Check them out, the next time your on the island!
Posted on: 26th June 2007

Ken and Carolyn are absolutely the best, hands down. Friendly, knowledgeable, helpful and they also serve great food. Be sure to ask for one of Ken's specialty hot die for after a long exhiliarating dive. Extremely RB friendly, with assistance launching and boarding. Thanks again, will definately be back!
Posted on: 3rd July 2006

There is no better charter operation in Nanaimo, I have dived up there for 5 years now and boats have come and gone. Divers choice is here to stay. Customer service is excellent, gear up area is all under cover, 2 heads on board, changing rooms, lots of space and lunch and dessert provided (great food!!) Carolyn's peanut butter pie is to dive for. Perfect for RB's, you can leave your rig on the boat, take your scrubber with you to refill, and Ken will fill your O2 and air dil over night. 5 stars!
Posted on: 1st July 2006

I've dived with them last September and have enjoyed it a lot. Great boat, excellent hospitality and very good dives. oh btw climbing stairs are great, and at least I didn't complain about the boat not having an elevator platform
Posted on: 15th May 2006

Ken and Carolyn are excellent to dive with. They do thier best to look after anything you need and allow for nice relaxed diving. There was never a rush to get in or out of the water. They have 02 on board for filling as well.
Posted on: 27th June 2005

Great boat. Your hosts Ken & Carolyn provide an excellent trip. If you are diving from Nanaimo, give them a call.
Posted on: 7th April 2005

This is the best day boat I have been on.
Posted on: 3rd April 2005

Just come back from an excellent few days diving on this boat - definitely one of the best day boats I have been on. I loved the spacious inside area where everyone can gather and chat after a dive or shelter if the weather turns nasty - no shivering out in the rain, and nice upper deck for sunbathing as well! Fantastic diving in the area - great wrecks and some beautiful scenic walls. The owners were really friendly and the food was great. I would highly recommend it!