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Posted on: 17th October 2011

We went here in May 2007 and did the Inspo Mod1 with Marc Crane. It was already a top center with all the amenities mentiond in previous postings.
Naturally we came back for more of the best. So in Oct 2011 we did the Mod 2 with Ulli who proved herself as a very professional instructor, ever so kind and nice however demanding in a proper way.
The center also has a very nice technician, Ahmed, who is trained at APD in maintenance and repair on the Inspo. Which came in really hand when my Air 2 wouldn't hold tight.
Posted on: 28th March 2011

Well since it's been a while since the last posting - I'm diving here everyday as I choosed this to be the perfect place to work with rebreatherdiving and - divers. You find all you need to set up and take care for your precious unit: Every rebreatherdiver gets a trolley where you can place your rebreather plus divekit and stages. From the setup area next to the workshop (mixed gas menu + custom blends on request, tools, spares, scrubber (sofnolime 797), cylinders (2 and 3 l, DIN and M26 thread), stages (diff. sizes), stage regs (apeks).......) you can "drive" your kit to the boat and just need to carry it a few meters. When you come back from the trip your trolley is waiting there and you drive back to the washing area: a big sink with a lift, spacious place with 5 hoses to rinse with fresh water. Seperate bathtub for suits, etc. Over night you store the rebreather in a seperate ventilated room, together with the trolley, so no need to carry everything around.
Rebreather rental is possible, courses are available. When I first time came here I was impressed and I still am. come in and find out yourself
Posted on: 13th September 2009

Just returned from a week at Orca in Soma Bay with my Evolution+. Excellent rebreather service and Serge is a top guy. Outer reefs at Soma Bay/Safaga are good wall dives, and if you want, the Salem Express is an excellent (if sobering) wreck dive. The inner reefs tend to be shallow, but very pretty, with lots to please photographers. Plenty of DiveSorb available (not Sofnolime), with good oxygen fills. Note that for UK Evolution divers with DIN O2 cylinders, you'll need to take along an adapter for the new European M26 O2 cylinders, since that is all they have in 2 litre size. Luckily, I'd taken my CD TravelFrame, so they brought over some Inspiration cylinders from their Safaga Centre (these are older, and hence DIN).
Posted on: 11th September 2008

I'm just on my way to go there for the 7th. time.
I would not if it would not be the perfect place.
And Marc an Georg are the best Guys you can expect.
If you're a technical Diver or Rebreather-Diver, Orca is the 1st choice !
Posted on: 31st August 2008

Awesome, fantastic, 10/10. Being new to Re-breathers I was a bit apprehensive as what to expect when I had my new Sentinel delivered to safaga. The setup is fantastic everything you need is available and to hand. From the wash area to the prep area and then two minutes later you are on the boat or one minute and in the bar. Marc and the boys are a real asset to Safaga. Any time I needed something or advice on configuration they were always at hand to help. Canít wait to get back and explore some more.
Posted on: 18th August 2008

The ultimate rebreather - destination in the red sea. You find all, from oxygen (220BAR), Helium, cylinder 2L and 2L and Bailout tank 40CUF to 80Cuf.
The facility has plenty of space for the rebreather cleaning, with sweet water a a room to storage the rebreather for the next dive.
....and forgot, the guys like Marc (English but speak perfect German too) and the Swiss Guy Georg (German and English) are very helpful in all a rebreather diver need.
Posted on: 18th August 2008

Did my Insp Mod 1 together with my son and a friend. Our instructor was Marc Crane.
Teaching and training was simply top class, friendly and demanding. The center is built so that everything a RB-diver needs is within arms reach.
Highly recommended, no need to look any further.
Posted on: 6th August 2008

This is what I call 100%! The diving center is the best equiped I've ever seen. Tell them what you need, you'll get it. Training till what you will ever need, Guys who know really what they do. Friendly wanna holiday...this is the best choice
Posted on: 21st August 2007

This is a cracking Dive Centre - a true rebreather aladdins cave with some of the best facilities / spares / red sea diving around. 1st class kit washing facilities. Own boats and moorings right outside. Training available and rental units, sorb, cylinders no probs.