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B&B Scuba

Geography/State: Hawaii , Maui
Contributed by: teksimple
Posted on: 31st March 2006
Rating: 3.0000/5.00 (based on 3 votes)
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Brad and Blesi Varney of B&B Scuba offer O2 and trimix fills as well as sorb, and training on the Inspiration rebreather. The crystal clear waters of Molokini crater are a fantastic location to do deep technical and rebreather training. On occasion Brad will take technical divers to a black coral encrusted PB4Y-1 bomber wreck that crashed during World War II, and lies at a depth of 58m (190 ft). B&B Scuba has a fast and comfortable aluminum hulled jet boat. The technical blending facilities are one of the best in the state and even include a full hydrostatic testing station.

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Destination Details
Destination Type:
Coast / Day Boat
Type of Diving at Destination:
Reef, Wreck, Training, Whale
Facilities provided:
Cylinder Hire, Scrubber Material, Oxygen, Helium, Rebreather Hire

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B&B Scuba
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Members' Comments
RBW Member
Posted on: 4th July 2013

Called these guys on 2013 July 3 and they said they don't allow rebreathers and can't fill oxygen tanks at all. When I asked how they could teach trimix classes without filling oxygen he said they didn't have that class. I said it's right here on your website and he said they don't offer that class right now... None of it really made any sense and that didn't get any better after I noticed the info about rebreather training on their website!

Point is they probably shouldn't be listed here anymore (provided the guy I talked to wasn't retarded which is questionable).
Todd Winn
Posted on: 14th August 2006

Brad Varney is straight talk, no bullsh*t and is an all around great guy. B&B has good facilities, a great boat and will accommodate your needs. Pricing on O2 and Scrubber fills are very reasonable. Blesi is terrific with a camera and a lot of fun to dive with. Kudos for a family owned and operated business doing it right.