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Dive Cozumel

Geography/State: Mexico , Cozumel
Contributed by: edster
Posted on: 3rd May 2005
Rating: 3.8333/5.00 (based on 6 votes)
Number of Views: 1760

The only true tech dive center on the island. Will jam O2, has He and the Yellow Rose is a big new boat.

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Destination Details
Destination Type:
Coast / Day Boat
Type of Diving at Destination:
Reef, Wreck, Cave, Cavern, Training
Facilities provided:
Oxygen, Helium, Booster Pump

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Dive Cozumel
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Members' Comments
Geoff Brandon
Posted on: 20th April 2007

Got a bob and o2 fills from Roly and got top notch service. Will def book for dives next time im in cozumel. Also had great advice on where to stay and places to eat. Nice guy and fun to chat with as well.
One of the Gang
Posted on: 20th October 2005

I dove with Rolli and Stephanie for 3 days/9dives. Superb sevice, boat is a 48 ft twin jet. Pleantly of room (there were only 3 of us on the boat). Rolli can supply both O2 and He (boosted). They can supply 'lime if given some notice, but it is expensive to be shipped in ( about 2X in price). I recommend that you bring your own if you can. Dives are taylored to abilities. The two other divers that were there, dove shallow (100ft or less) and had their own divemaster. I dove with Rolli and had had my pick of profiles. Due to the OC divers, our profiles were limited to 1.5 hr dive times. They picked me up and dropped me off at my resort, so no hassels in traveling. Dive sites are only about 15-20 min travel time. All and all. a very well run facility.