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Dive Narvik aboard MV Galten

Geography/State: OTHER - let us know what to add , Norway
Contributed by: Dive Sprite
Posted on: 18th October 2009
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A really excellent boat and skipper offering comfortable, clean and well maintained accommodation aboard MV Galten - a Swedish built minesweeper.
The operation includes Helium and O2, a Haskel booster (boosting to 300bar), sofnolime (Drager-Sorb or Molecular Products), bailout cylinders including Ally 7's, Steel 5's and larger configurations if needed.
Also open circuit cylinder rental including twin 12's and twin 15's if you need them...
The price of gas and lyme was based on what I'd pay at home in the UK - which was more then reasonable.
We opted to have a cook on board all week, which was a great decision as the food was really superb. We always surfaced looking forward to our lunch and dinner.
Galten is a great dive platform. Safety equipment includes a crane launched rib, O2 kit and the usual first aid stuff.
Access to the boat from the water is via a spine ladder that is well constructed and features a good angle - making exit from the water easy. Anders likes you to clip off your stages and he hauls them aboard for you.
There is plenty of fresh water for hot showers and for rinsing your gear (and camera equipment).
The boat even features an excellent large sauna to warm you up on colder days.
We went in October, and had 13 hours of daylight, crisp sunny weather and 11 degree water temperature. Visibility in the harbour was often more than 30 metres.
Anders offers a range of trips from a great week touring the huge and varied wrecks in Narvik Harbour to more adventurous and deeper wrecks to the north and south.

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Cylinder Hire, Scrubber Material, Oxygen, Helium, Booster Pump, Rebreather Hire

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Dive Narvik aboard MV Galten
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Members' Comments
RBW Member
Posted on: 4th February 2010

I have been there three times during 2009. Really nice diving on wrecks from WW2. You can find submarines, both english and german destroyers, cargoships and airplanes. Here are some pics from one of the trips with M/S Galten: