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Subnauta Dive Centre

Geography/State: OTHER - let us know what to add , The Algarve, Portugal
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Posted on: 24th June 2008
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Subnauta provides range of diving services and courses catering for both recreational and technical divers.

- 8 x Inspiration/Evolution rebreathers with vision electronics.
- 2 x Dolphin Drager rebreathers
- Twin sets, stage cylinders and pony bottles.
- Diver propulsion vehicles
- Nitrox, Trimix and 200 bar Oxygen fills.
- PADI, BSAC, ProNRC and ANDI courses
- Digital video and photographic equipment available.

Daily diving is supported by an 11m Catamaran Hard boat and 2 fully equipped RIBs.

Full open circuit equipment and nitrox32 are provided complimentary on all dives, so there is no need to travel with all your personal dive equipment.

Join Subnauta to dive the coastal waters, reefs, caves and wrecks of the Algarve, Portugal.

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Destination Details
Destination Type:
Coast / Day Boat
Type of Diving at Destination:
Reef, Wreck, Cave, Cavern, Training
Facilities provided:
Cylinder Hire, Scrubber Material, Oxygen, Helium, Booster Pump, Rebreather Hire

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Subnauta Dive Centre
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Members' Comments
New Member
Posted on: 15th August 2008

This place is seriously well kitted out with top notch kit and very well trained and friendly staff. Just dived with them today (15Aug08) using one of their rental Evo units (they have 5 Evo and 2 Inspo Visions, as well as high end O/C gear). You pack the scrubber and prep the unit, then they do the rest (all except actually dive FOR you!) They transfer the kit to an electric cart which takes you right to the marina edge where they transfer your kit to the new RIB fully kitted with ALL the gear and twin 150 Honda engines. From their website I see they have a larger boat too, and they will be doing short live aboard trips fairly soon.
After returning to the marina, they do it all again, right down to rinsing all of the kit AND the unit!
From my limited experience of them so far, they come with a full 5/5 rating - highly recommend. I will certainly be diving with them many more times.