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The Dive Shop Lanzarote

Geography/State: Canary Islands , lanzarote
Contributed by: si_b_lanzarote
Posted on: 2nd November 2007
Rating: 4.2857/5.00 (based on 7 votes)
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The Dive Shop the number ONE Recreational and Technical diving centre on Lanzarote, diving and training with our resident instructors upto and including advanced mixed Gas CCR.

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Type of Diving at Destination:
Reef, Wreck, Cave, Cavern, Training, Shark
Facilities provided:
Cylinder Hire, Scrubber Material, Oxygen, Helium, Booster Pump, Rebreather Hire

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The Dive Shop Lanzarote
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Members' Comments
RBW Member
Posted on: 17th July 2009

Just spent a week with Simon doing MOD1 Rec Trimix on a box fresh Evolution + :) Highly recommend the choice of equipment, and more, the capability and competancy of Simon and his staff. The quality of training and diving was excellent. The Dive Shop was well equipped and maintained to a very high standard. Accommodation and food in the area did the job perfectly well. Would highly recommend this centre to complete novices (like myself) or any one else wishing to expand on current skills or just refresh - and not just for those with a technical flair!. My girlfriend also spent the week in and around the centre and had some memorable dives (with bubbles) with the schools dive guides and logged some lovely dives.
RBW Member
Posted on: 9th February 2009

I did my mod1/2 sentinel training with Simon in January. Excellent teaching and great company. Bad Karaoke everywhere, but bril sushi! Lots of sea life - angel sharks, huge stingrays, sun fish.... I thoroughly recommend the Dive shop Lanzarote. I'm returning later this year.
RBW Member
Posted on: 13th January 2009

I dive with Simon and Des regularly with my Kiss Classic. Perfect place for any level of training plus it is a great place for reasonable priced all year diving. Mostly shore diving (tho boats are available) with stunning laval drop offs, caves, tunnels etc quickly going down to any depth you fancy.
Simon seems to teach most rebreathers (tho not the Kiss) and will hopefully be having some of the new Apocalypse shortly.
Excellent guys to dive with, easy going, friendly, v knowledgable etc. Scooters are available which means you can go where not a lot of other divers go - plus they are a lot of fun.
All in all it's a sort of Rebreather playground.
I am not connected with the Diveshop in any way.
Feel free to get in touch with me if you would like any more info regarding the Diveshop and diving in Lanzarote.
RBW Member
Posted on: 31st December 2008

I Certainly Reccomend to New & Experienced CCR Divers!

Just arrived back from Lanzarote from a week of CCR courses and diving with Simon and Des.
Great Diving and proffesional training, the dive shop lanzarote is totally rebreather freindly and I will be going back again next year.

The only downside was having to get back on the plane at the end of the week to come home.
RBW Member
Posted on: 9th November 2007

I just returned from my Mod 3 training at "The Dive Shop" in Lanzarote with Rich Stevenson. We were ably assisted by the excellent Simon from The Dive Shop who tirelessly provided us with gas, Sofnolime, cylinders and stages and his expert in-water guidance each day.
We were a mixed group consisting of me and Rich on an inspiration and two others on Megladon rebreathers. Servicing and Spares were no problem as Simon stocks both models and keeps parts on the shelf. This made our lives a lot easier as there was a lot of planning and diving to be done on the course. It was great to know that Simon and his facility were there to look after our kit requirements.
The location is perfect for all levels of training, with a short surface swim to bring you to any depth you like. Because we were doing Mod 3 we were consistently in 80+ metres and could easily have been in 100m.
Equally, this location has some excellent shallow reefs running from 40m up to 6m with lots to look at on decompression stops or while doing drills and skills. We were even 'pursued' up a slope from 40m by a very large Manta. Rich said it looked like it was going to bite my head off
Given that its mostly shore diving without much current and in very clear water, Lanzarote is a very good place to concentrate on training. No worries about boats, tides and being 'blown out' by bad weather - and the flights, food and accommodation were really very good value. I think I could have spent almost as much doing the training in the UK - with the only additional expenses being on flights (£135) and accommodation which us three students split between us.
Simon and Dez run a very tidy operation, stocking everything from rental rebreathers to lime and helium. The compressor room is very well equipped with a large booster, Helium analyzer and just about everything that the average technical diver could possibly need.
The team are very helpful, and if you need anything you only have to ask.
PM me for more information of if you want to discuss my experience at The Dive Shop or the Mod3 with Rich Stevenson and Simon. I have no affiliation to either.
I have absolutely no hesitation in recommending The Dive Shop at Lanzarote.