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Larnaca Cyprus

Geography/State: Mediterranean , Cyprus
Contributed by: Fulefejs
Posted on: 12th July 2007
Rating: 4.6667/5.00 (based on 3 votes)
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No RB info on their web but the guys dive inspiration, KISS and have dolphins for rental. The dive center have the best location for diving the zenobia, two min walk to the boat and another five min to the wreck. Nice and friendly staff with great experience. They even offered me to stay for a beer after closing time...

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Destination Details
Destination Type:
Coast / Day Boat
Type of Diving at Destination:
Wreck, Training
Facilities provided:
Scrubber Material, Oxygen, Helium, Booster Pump

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Larnaca Cyprus
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Members' Comments
RBW Member
Posted on: 26th January 2008

I have dived OC with these guys during my last couple of visits to Cyprus. They are a cracking bunch - Very professional, helpful and confidence inspiring. They have a cat and a large RIB that run to the Zen - very comfortable for numbers/space. The boat ride is about 2 minutes from the centre!! The shop is well stocked far any bits you may need and they can supply pretty much any kit/bottles/gas you may need. To top it off there is a great restaurant next door run by a lovely Gentleman - 'Michael'. Superb food before and after your dive - He does kep beer in his fridge too. Would definitely reccommend Dive-In Larnaca to anyone wanting to dive the Zen.

Classic Kiss diver
Posted on: 3rd November 2007

I've dived with these guys too on my Kiss mod1 and 2 courses with Martin Robson. Great bunch, couldn't be more helpful.