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Tanzania aboard the Kairos

Geography/State: OTHER - let us know what to add , Tanzania
Contributed by: jitka
Posted on: 16th June 2006
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"A Unique Adventure Off the Coast of Tanzania" - Join the team and embark upon a real oceanographic expedition, and I mean real: bring your CCR and experience and dive 120m+ to discover the living fossils = Coelacanths, or dive shalllower on ccr, scr, oc and observe and/or photograph or film octopuses, whale sharks, lionfish and other undisturbed reef beauties...
If you can - spend extra few days of your time inland experiencing the classic African Safari...

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Destination Type:
Type of Diving at Destination:
Reef, Wreck, Training, Shark, Whale
Facilities provided:
Cylinder Hire, Scrubber Material, Oxygen, Helium, Booster Pump, Rebreather Hire

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Tanzania aboard the Kairos
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Members' Comments
RBW Member
Posted on: 11th September 2006

Diving on the Kairos is a RB diver's dream come true. They have all supplies, O2 pumped to 200 bar, as much as you want, sofnolime and an Engineer that can work wonders with fixing any kind of problem you can think of. A relaxed atmosphere and pristine reefs and one of the very few ships that can accomodate deep expedition dives.
RBW Member
Posted on: 2nd July 2006

I'm Jeff, french IT TDI Rebreather, i'have make a Rebreather expedition in Kairos, it vas really nice, i make a other trip at end of this year in October, with my Submatix CCR.
in board, all, Oxygen, helium, scooter, video, Nitrox, tank .... and Rhum of course ...
very nice in Tanzanian
Cave Meg
Posted on: 16th June 2006

Don't worry about shipping Sofnolime!!! The Kairos Company ship has unlimited rebreather scrubber material, Helium and Oxygen and the instruments on-board the ship to pump these gasses to fill your dive plan needs. The Kairos also offers scr/ccr training during some of their expeditions; they have full software/hardware support aboard the ship so they are the perfect platform for photographers and filmmakers. They also have Microlight planes=flying boats available for the interested participants!!! The pictures and video footage utilizing these small planes above the tourqois waters of Indian Ocean are amazing!

I will follow up on this report shortly with some more details regarding our Coelacanth expedition that we just returned from - also see Matt Matthes's earlier report. Jitka Hyniova. Thanks to www.GolemGear.com for support on this expedition...