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Konaquatica Dive Center
Hawaii , Kailua-Kona - The Big Island of Hawaii
Added: 28th February 2005

Mediterranean , Cyprus
Added: 23rd February 2005

Red Sea Area , Egypt
Added: 23rd February 2005

Carribbean , Grand Cayman
Added: 27th February 2005
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Villa Alba resort & Dive centre

Nai'a Diving Liveaboard, Fiji

East Coast Wreck Diving/ M/V Tempest

Shipwreck Adventures LLC

Aquanauts Grenada

There are a total of 265 destinations in our database

Latest Destinations
18th October 2017 DivingCanarias
Canary Islands , Tenerife
Rebreather Dive Center, Dive Shop, Dive School and Filling Station, in Radazul, North Tenerife, Canary Islands.
Located a few steps away from the water, DivingCanarias is a comfortable place wi ... [more here]
25th May 2017 Cape Verde
OTHER - let us know what to add , Island of Santo Antao
Best Resort so far on this island. Antonio is diving with a Poseidon and guides you on the best sites on the island. Never seen so many fishes around me on a single dive. Just great.
5th December 2016 Ecole de Plonge Itinrante - GWADA
France , Guadeloupe
In Guadeloupe CCR trip.
all material for rebreather
24th May 2016 Villa Alba resort & Dive centre
OTHER - let us know what to add , Bali
The best in Bali,Indonesia for CCR Training, Rental and CCR support. APD, (Inspo Vision and Classic,Evolution), Hollis Explorer, Poseidon( MK 6 & 7), JJ,18 sets of 2 and 3 litre Alu, Steel and car ... [more here]
10th November 2015 Amed Fun Divers
OTHER - let us know what to add , Bali
trimix 500L/min,
31st October 2015 Pico Azores
OTHER - let us know what to add ,
Rebreather friendly
Rebreather Training
Pumped O2 & Helium
Cylinder hire
31st October 2015 Pico Azores
OTHER - let us know what to add , Pico Azores Portugal
Rebreather friendly
Rebreather Training
Pumped O2 & Helium
Cylinder hire
21st June 2015 Nanaimo BC
Canada , British Columbia
Full rebreather support, training, equipment, supplies.
Really nice boat and great people
13th May 2015 Southern Cross Divers
Australia , NSW
Sydneys only purely Tec Dive Shop located on Sydney Harbour. Come dive on Australia's only dive boat with a lift fitted a must for Tec diving
21st November 2014 Blue Label Diving Indonesia
OTHER - let us know what to add , Bunaken Island, North Sulawesi, Indonesia
Location has great deep wall reef diving and the dive centre has everything CCR diver would need to go diving. Dive centre staff know how to accommodate CCR divers on boat.

Highest Rated Destinations
OTHER - let us know what to add , Panama
Rating: (1 votes)
INULA DIVING / Malpelo Island / Coiba Island
OTHER - let us know what to add , David, Republic of Panama
Rating: (2 votes)
Carribbean , Vargas State
Rating: (1 votes)
Evolution Diving
Far East ,
Rating: (1 votes)
Sweden , Stockholm
Rating: (4 votes)
Nai'a Diving Liveaboard, Fiji
OTHER - let us know what to add , Fiji Islands
Rating: (1 votes)
Undersea Hunter
OTHER - let us know what to add , Costa Rica
Rating: (3 votes)
Marine & Outer Reef Film Facility (MORFF)
Australia , Queensland, Australia
Rating: (1 votes)
Diverland GAN
Maldives , gan
Rating: (1 votes)
OTHER - let us know what to add , ISRAEL Eilat red sea
Rating: (1 votes)

Most Talked About Destinations
Diver's Choice Charters
Canada , Vancouver Island
Orca Dive Clubs
Red Sea Area , Red Sea
Red Sea Area , Egypt
Carribbean , Grand Cayman
Nautilus Explorer
Canada , alaska, canada, mexico
Konaquatica Dive Center
Hawaii , Kailua-Kona - The Big Island of Hawaii
Bandos Island - Maldives
Maldives , Bandos Island
ProTec Advanced Training Facility
Mexico , Playa del Carmen, Riviera Maya Qoo
The Dive Shop Lanzarote
Canary Islands , lanzarote
O2 Technical Diving
Carribbean , Turks and Caicos Islands

Random Destinations
Sangat Island Resort
OTHER - let us know what to add , Philippines
OEX Dive Center
United States , California (Mission Bay)
OTHER - let us know what to add , Israel
Aqaba Tech
Red Sea Area , Jordan
Dive North
Ireland , Malin Head
South of France
France , France
Galapagos Rebreathers
OTHER - let us know what to add , Galapagos Islands, Ecuador
Deco-Stop Dive Centre
Canary Islands , Lanzarote
Porthkerris Divers
United Kingdom , Cornwall
Marlin Inn Dive Center
Red Sea Area , EGYPT