B&B Scuba

Contributed by: teksimple on 31st March 2006
Hawaii , Maui

Brad and Blesi Varney of B&B Scuba offer O2 and trimix fills as well as sorb, and training on the Inspiration rebreather. The crystal clear waters of Molokini crater are a fantastic location to do deep technical and rebreather training. On occasion Brad will take technical divers to a black coral encrusted PB4Y-1 bomber wreck that crashed during World War II, and lies at a depth of 58m (190 ft). B&B Scuba has a fast and comfortable aluminum hulled jet boat. The technical blending facilities are one of the best in the state and even include a full hydrostatic testing station.

Destination Type: Coast / Day Boat
Type of Diving at Destination: Reef, Wreck, Training, Whale
Facilities provided: Cylinder Hire, Scrubber Material, Oxygen, Helium, Rebreather Hire

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