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  1. Hi Ben,

    I live over in Bridport - I got the kayak about 5 weeks ago.

    I have dived out of west any so far - about 1 mile out... Bit of scallop diving.

    Tried the rebreather on the boat - bit heavy really - but doable.

    I have recently tried using a 7 litre side slung which is much easier to handle.

    Diving wise I am planning to do some diving round chesile cove. Plenty there that we used to dive off an inflatable off the beach (too far out to shore dive though)

    The kayak diving is fantastic - especially since you end up combining it with a bit of mackerel fishing, surfing and also exploring plus a work out. - definitely feel a bit like bear grylls!

    Happy to chat if you want to.
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