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  1. Hi Peter,
    yes i remember you in Orlando. Thanks for your message and to considerate me a possible collaborator.
    Yes, I think it'll be a great idea, last time RBW lost a lot of people for many reasons.
    I think that you are on the good way. I open to collaborate with you, how can i possible.
    I'm truk unti mach 10 and i have a limited internet connection, but you can contact me at
  2. Hello Aldo,
    This Peter Sotis of Add Helium. We met at the Prism 2 class in Orlando. As you may know, I just purchased rebreatherworld. I am toying around with an idea and thought I could ask your opinion. I am thinking of adding some sections to RBW that are in other languages. First, do you feel that will be helpful. Second, do you think it would be helpful in Italian...would it bring more people to the site, if they had their own special section for Italian Language. Thanks for your help.

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