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  1. Hi Ken, I am sorry I only just saw this message. Shows how much I am on the forums these days! I guess my comments do reflect a certain amount of political correctness however I do believe that a buddy provides an extra level of safety in most situations. So I find it hard to recommend free for all solo diving in Tank. Even though yes I very much enjoy and regularly perform solo diving myself, I am speaking with my CDAA office bearer's hat on.

    In some sites and on some dives I strongly believe being solo is definitely safer, But I don't think that is the case for most Tank Cave dives.

    Florida? Yes...amazing and freedom to do what you want! But, they do pay the price with their fatality rate. Probably can't have it both ways.

  2. hi, had a query from 'cdaa comment'. but couldn't msg you there, so I cheated : " Hi Harry, I'm curious, but not wanting to stir up stuff, hence my private pm. "And to be honest I don't see a need for anyone to dive solo in Tank. Planned separation yes, solo start to " Personally, I don't see a NEED for anyone to dive tank at all. but, I see many people WANT to dive tank, including me. So why is the buddy scenario acceptable, but not solo? If you are competent at whichever style you choose, why not? I find most of your posts refreshingly open. But I guess everyone has to be careful/politically correct, at times. ? the cdaa seems like a very different beast to the australian or english cdg in mindset. regards, Kenm. p.s. hope you enjoyed the freedom in florida. :) "
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