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  1. Yeah, my "partner" is a character. He's very new to tech diving. Anyway, the more research I do on all the breathers the more confused i'm getting. I think I want out of recreational and go straight into full blown CCR. I honestly don't know which one to get. If you'd like to give a rookie in this realm of diving a hand let me know. 386 624 1469. I don't get on here too often fearing the risk of getting more confused so a text or call is the best way to find me.

  2. Hello Nick! Was really nice to meet you!! I told Tracy today that we have met. Your "partner" happened to be in the store, as well buying some stuff.

    Thanks a bunch!!!
  3. Hi Claudia, this is Nick. I met you on Kevin's boat this past weekend. Just wanted to say Hi!
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