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  1. Hi buddy.. where you been hiding?
    I want to go me 973-476-0170 a north carolina wreck and meglatooth diving trip in July

  2. I have a new sceenname on here NJCAVEDIVER
  3. Hi there buddy
    hope all is well overseas
  4. Hi Buddy,

    Ive done three dives on my rig and hope to do one this coming sunday with walt, rich and
    I think its about time we get to torture him. I hope your doing well and stay safe.


  5. When we were in florida did you buy swaglocks? I will be setting my rig up with a pony at some point and want to use those. Walt bought my Vision insp, I bought a brand new one. It came from UK, Its the one that Rich was afraid to send the guy $$ so I bought it.. it was perfect and brand spanking new for $ 7500 with temp stick and software nitrox and trimix
  6. HI there mark
    Says your online now?
  7. HI Pal,

    Walt and I went to the quarry, now that sucked at 41 degree All went well as we did a quick splash to check out weighting for our drysuits. Maybe first week in august for north carolina, if your around. also Im planning a trip next year to poland to dive the graf zepplin here is a link for it.

    Check it out see what you think

  8. yo buddy, hope all is good

    it still sux here, but could be worse :)

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