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  1. Thanks, I appreciate it and am not dissuaded by those guys :).

    Talking with Andy at Rebreatherlab, he says a lot of his customers just strap them to the backs of the doubles, so I'm not worried about what the mainstream guys are saying. Bottom line, if you way back or deep and you need to bailout (or let your buddy bail out on your gas), then you need to have the gas available. And I don't really see the difference between slinging tanks and having them on your back, except that it's more of a pain to sling them sidemount because you also have to have the deco bottles and both pockets semi-blocked.

    You should take a look at They have brackets (steel or aluminum) and manifolds to do this already that you can just buy off the shelf. Nick is also very responsive if you send them an email. UTD has some brackets too on their website, though they look clumsier.

    Love to see some pics when you have them.

  2. I'm currently building a set of bands to attach my meg. I'm using a set of steel 55s and a flexible hose between them as a manifold. Then the standard back mount regulators and long hose. These bands will spread the tanks away from the scrubber and the dill and o2 will mount back on the unit. The width is 18 Inch (1.5 inch) wider than a standard set of 104s
    The hight is 1/2 tall then than a standard meg. I don't want to sling bail out because I prefer to jump off the back of the boat redy to dive. Despite what the mainstream breather buys say. It takes far to long to put on and rout hoses on side mount bottles is rough conditions.

    I'll send you some pics
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