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  1. Hi Mike

    Did I missed your answer for payment handling?


    Will have tonight a discussion with my lady if she is ready to have it.
    I think sending inside us is easier for you, and can be done fast. As we have until now planned to visit Portland mid year it will be hard for her knowing that her gadget waits for her in Portland...
    How handling payment? Paypal?

  3. My friend bought it new. I was there when he bought it. Everything is original, nothing has been modified. I modified a bracket to carry a pony bottle, but that is a seperate piece, not part of the unit. Nothing needs to be replaced except the O2 sensors. They work, but are to old to dive. Let me know if you need other pictures, I have added some and have some of the head area if you need.
  4. Hi Mike

    Did you buy the inspi new?
    I'm looking for an rb for my lady. Is everything original or is there something to replace.

    I'm the guy who modified pascals head to AV1..
    And my lady has already an AV1 for herself.

    Thx Mike

    We could use a "send to adress" in Portland Origon
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