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  1. Hi Nicool, The Transpac stretches and moves around quite a lot when you have a single stage cylinder on one side (it may be OK balanced with another on the other side). I have not used the new Buttplate from Diverite so cannot comment on that, but I made my own buttplate so I could put the rails exactly where I wanted them.

    I went with the Armadillo A2 and haven't looked back since and now have several so I can have them permanantly mounted for different setups both OC and CC.

  2. Hello nicothesailer,
    I've seen your answer to this old thread (, saying that you didn't like the Dive rite Transpac harness for sidemounting.
    However Diverite have released the tech buttplate (, which is supposed to work with their harnesses.
    Did you try it? I'd be interested in a Diverite harness, but would like to do sidemount when carrying bailout, so I would be interested to know your experience on this setup.
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