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  1. Kim - Dave Remling here. We met at dinner with Peter Sotis in December, I was Peter's student - you, Tony and Monkey were also there. Finally got my rEvo and I have a question. I would rather not put Peter on the spot with Paul. The unit I took the class on was a rental. It had no gag strap. The one I received has a gag strap. From what little I have been able to ascertain Paul is in love with the gag strap. I am not so sure the rest of the world agrees. I am putting it in the pool Tuesday night for it's first test. Presently I have removed the strap as it either interferes with the mask strap or slides down my neck and may screw up my drysuit neck seal. Perhaps the problems could be attributed to the fact that the trials thus far are out of water. You seem to be well acquainted with a lot of rEvo divers. Could you shed some light on the general take on the gag strap? Are people using it, or as I suspect, removing it? Thanx.
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