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  1. Well I have not been sued yet but I did get censored . . . It was not on rebreather world but on Deco Stop. I basically said the same thing I said here on rebreather world regarding this cowboy underwater archaeology on the Erabus and the thread was pulled.
  2. well there is your book, it did not cost anything but there are typo's
  3. turns out he is Peter Norris
  4. well I was trying to link an image to this note and there is no link. If you need a laugh send me an email and I will send you a photo of the Prop on the Emperor at 165', with the Nikonos IV half flooded.
  5. oh unhappy day, I had a rather significant hack attack that tied up one of the computers for several hours, along with a guy in Hong Kong who needs help to transfer funds lol I hope all this writing is worth the effort in the end
  6. not really i know he is a solid diver ,caver
  7. Any idea who PeterVICEG is? He is out in BC and my discussion on the Curren recovery hit a soft spot, he has lost someone, know anything about that?
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