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  1. Hi mate From the sounds of things Vito is going to be tied up for next month or two (he has his divorce case in mid October) and needs to sort out a load of paper work
    But I am up for a mid week dive if I can blag a lift from you
  2. Hi mate , I;m up for it .Where you thinking of ?
    My breathers at home at the mo but my mask and all mt other kit is down Pauls. I brought the rebreather home to give it the once over . Hows Vito is he diving ?
    I will Phone you later I want to do my Mod 2 and do some trimix training so I was thinking of the fella you know in Jordan might be an option.
    speak soon !
  3. How are things with you ?
    Fancy doing a mid week dive in september ?
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