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  1. Hi Jeff
    I don't log on to this site very often so apologies but it has taken until yesterday to see your message. I will certainly give you a call next time I am in Holland and would be very interested in hearing about MSRA. I have never dived in Lake Michigan, Lake Superior yes but not Michigan. I live on the St Lawrence river myself which is also a good dive area.
    I would guess you know Ron Benson, he has been up here and is coming back in the fall.
    Thanks again for the note. Best, Andrew
  2. Hello Andrew, I talked to your brother-in-law?? Ted at Johnson Controls a couple of days ago. Somehow he knew I dive a rebreather and mentioned your name. I do sub-contract work for JCI. If you ever want to dive up here, I dive for a group of historians called Michigan Shipwreck Research Associates(MSRA). I know all the good ones. Ted has my number. Call anytime. I think he said you would be around during Thanksgiving.

    Jeff Vos
    Holland, Michigan
    cell 616-283-2412
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