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  1. Its a fine, fine line Andy, the more I muck around with it the more I think a twin rebreather is more suitable for what Im doing. OC bailout is a comfort! thanks for the feedback.
  2. Yes, that's basically it. It's the scrubber capacity that's the limiting factor. I could lengthen the can, but the WOB would suffer. I do long cave exploration dives, and this unit doesn't have enough duration as a primary CCR. I don't have the balls to ditch OC bailout yet, and I'm not sure I ever will. I may keep it as a deco CCR though, but that's a waste when there are many other units that could do that job.
  3. Morning Andy,

    I have built a couple of variations of mccr bailout rebreathers over the last 12 months similar to the Joki you are selling. Any particular reason you are parting company with the unit? limitations for what you are doing?

    Im based in Perth, WA and a touch limited with respect to people I can talk to regarding the refinement of sidemount BOB's.

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