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  1. Hi Fredrik,

    I am diving Mentes ccr (old version of HH) but with inspo counterlungs and t-pieces. I bought cooper hoses and adapters in Golem Gear. I don't know if they still have that.
    For me coopers are working simply better than original inspo hoses.
  2. Hi!
    I have seen pictures of your inspiration rebreather (if it is yours). It looks like
    you have modified the unit with cooper hoses and still use the original t-pieces.

    My qustion is, how have you bin able to put coopers on the inspiration? What kind of adapters are you using? Is their anyone selling the adapters? where did you buy the cooper hoses? How long are the hoses. Do you think it makes any difference with coopers? Any pros/cons compared to the standard hoses?

    I have bin thinking of getting coopers on my inspo but could not find any suitable adapter.

    Kind regards,
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