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  1. Hi Trish: I will not be at DEMA, wish I could meet you too. I'll probably be diving that weekend in any case, putting the Extreme through its paces, and reporting back to you and Kevin. Well, you know my face by my profile pic. By the way, check out the latest issue of Wreck Diving Magazine, I have an article in it about the USS Monitor vs Andrea Doria, I mention Juergensen Marine at least twice... -Dan
  2. Hey Dan! Awesome to hear. Yes, I will be at DEMA and still holding the fortress down from Orlando! I am excited and can't wait to put faces to names and voices.

    Talk soon
  3. Hi Trish:
    How are you? Going to DEMA? Or holding down the fortress?
    The Extreme head and Rev D handsets working excellent so far!
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