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  1. Catalina 4 Cuft Suit / O2 / Dil Bottles - Close Out
  2. TDL Tech Snorkel
  3. Faber 27 cuft 4 L Rebreather Tanks - NEW
  4. Dave ****** Super Sale at TDL
  5. Welcome Back Dave ****** Super Sale at TDL
  6. Deep Outdoors Cold Fusion LED Light at TDL
  7. Two Lone Tanks Need New Home
  8. Special offer on shearwater pursuits
  9. Jona's Birthday Let's Make a Deal at TDL
  10. Market Indicator Sale at TDL this Week!
  11. Let's Make a Deal -- DEMA WEEK 2008
  12. Wings, BMCLs and DEMA
  13. New Technical Diver's Knife at TDL
  14. Halloween at TDL - Fast DEALS !
  15. Election 2008 Super Sale at TDL
  16. Veterans Day Sale at TDL
  17. CCR cave diving related training programs
  18. CCR Normoxic Trimix Mod II training program
  19. Thanksgiving Specials at TDL
  20. Holiday Sale at Golem Gear
  21. Deep Outdoors Wing Special at TDL
  22. Gear blowout at Golem Gear
  23. InnerSpace Systems Christmas Sale!
  24. Delta P VRX computer available at Golem Gear
  25. Thank you!
  26. NEW Cave Diving Book
  27. Delta P VRX dive computer in stock
  28. New On the LOOP t-shirt - FREE t-shirts
  29. fourth element Sub Zero Special
  30. Dive Rite Wing Blow Out Sale
  31. VRX Blowout!
  32. Custom Cooper hoses are here!!
  33. Rebreathers Simplified and free t-shirts
  35. Golem Gear G2 Adjustable harness
  36. Golem DSV, 2nd stage and p-ort adapter
  37. RBW Baby Booster Discount
  38. New Omniswivels
  39. RBW/ADM CCR Cylinder Members Special
  40. Miflex High Pressure Hoses are in Stock and ready to ship!
  41. Salvo Light FLASH sale!!
  42. Rebreather Try Before You Buy!!!
  43. Golem gear has X-1
  44. Boosters on the cheap!
  45. Cooper hoses in stock
  46. Light Sale
  47. Shearwater and Santi available at ScubaGeek.ca
  48. Dive Rite 24W HID Refurbs: Big and Cheap
  49. Surface Interval Clothing Dive Apparel
  50. Universal CCR Travel Stand for the HH
  51. Helium Analyser
  52. Announcing a website for the Universal CCR Travel Stand, and more!
  53. DIRrebreather Stuffnow available online and at DEMA
  54. New Manual Add valves
  55. Quick Release Inspiration/Evolution Counterlung Modification Special
  56. Golem Gear Annual DEMA Sale!
  57. BOV sale
  58. Golem Gear Holiday sale
  59. Buy a canister light - win a Liquivision X1!
  60. New Rbw T-shirt Design
  61. New Year's Deals from Dive Addicts
  62. Happy New Year from Surface Interval Clothing
  63. This week's deals at Dive Addicts
  64. Get a Free back-up light when you purcahse a canister light
  65. Get a Free lift bag from Dive Addicts this week
  66. Golem Gear CCR Wing Sale at Dive Addicts
  67. Free Gap Desktop planner Upgrade
  68. SIC: 2010 Dive Season Collection Sneak Peek
  69. running a new production for 4l rebreather cylinders 232bar CE version
  70. Happy Valentines From Dive Addicts - 20% off everything