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  1. Help me repair this
  2. Reunion of SEALAB Aquanauts to be held this Oct 29 in San Diego
  3. Win a Dive Rite O2ptima and help a worthy cause!
  4. Scapa Flow April 16 - Wreck-X Shipwreck Diving & Maritime History Week
  5. Finished my Defender CCR class
  6. saptrainingchennai
  7. Beneath the Sea is Here
  8. Where Divers Dare, The Hunt for the Last U-Boat (Story of the U-550)
  9. Black Coral (the move) available now. Release:June 30th
  10. Cheers to Captain Wade and the Sea Turtle
  11. F/s new samsung s7 edge 64gb / apple iphone 6s plus unlocked...$500
  12. Final DOT Report on Exploding Cylinder in FL
  13. Great White Hooka Diving Isla Guadalupe
  14. Salvage of Java Sea Wrecks
  15. NOAA Live Dive on Japanese Mini Subs Near Pearl Harbor
  16. Seabob F5 S Scooter - your thoughts
  17. Shearwater Cloud Open Beta now available
  18. Paddle 4 C4
  19. A second Open Letter to Tom Mount nad HQ IANTD
  20. SOCOM looking for new dive technology
  21. Ecuador detains Chinese Fishing Boat with Endangered Sharks
  22. Sea Shepherd to stop intercepting Japanese whaling vessels
  23. Spyderco
  24. Looking for 36ft New Wave Boat in Southern California
  25. How to get those Thai kids out?