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  1. Understanding Gradient Factors
  2. New Ladies First Drysuit by Santi
  3. Carbon Fiber Cylinders
  4. Free Lecture: Considerations for Deep Diving
  5. Learning to Dive the rEvo ? A Student?s class report
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  11. July 4 Dive and BBQ
  12. Lux vs Lumen
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  16. Blue Holes of Cay Sal Trip Report with video
  17. KISS learning weekend with dive video
  18. GOING CCR WITH ADD HELIUM and special thanks to "Ken Wesler"
  19. Thumb up
  20. Review of O2ptima class through Add Helium
  21. Extremely expensive
  22. Fantastic service from Add Helium
  23. A Special Announcement
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  25. How Does La Nina work FOR you?!
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