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  1. Mel's latest cave CCR students pose with Paul and some rEvos
  2. Ccr Instructors
  3. Another new Evolution Diver in Utah
  4. Welcom to new TDI Poseidon Discovery MKVI Instructor
  5. BIG congratulation to new CCR divers and instructor!!
  6. Congrats To 2 More Meg Divers
  7. Welcome to new TDI Poseidon Discovery MKVI Instructor/Diver
  8. Australia's Two Newest Megalodon Rebreather Divers
  9. Finlands First Sentinel Instructor!!
  10. Congratulations Wreckseeker on your ADV CCR Trimix
  11. Congratulations Thrills
  12. new rebreather divers
  13. Explorer Mixed Gas CCR Divers
  14. Three New O2ptimaFX Divers
  15. New CCR Trimix divers
  16. new reb diver
  17. Two new Megalodon Divers on Vancouver Island
  18. 2 New rEvo divers in the Northeast!!!
  19. New Sentinel divers and Instructor
  20. Instructor teaches 3 Girls how to KISS!
  21. More rEvo Divers in the NorthEast USA
  22. Congrats to a bunch of new Meg divers!
  23. New Russian Meg diver!
  24. Two new Meg Divers in Brazil
  25. new meg diver
  26. New CCR cave divers
  27. New CCR cave diver
  28. new meg diver in BC
  29. New ccr cave divers on JJ's
  30. Dwayne Sinclair - New rEvo diver in Southern California
  31. New Poseidon Discovery new divers
  32. Congrats to these new Nautilus ECCR Divers
  33. Another New Hammerhead Diver
  34. Congratulations to three new meg divers
  35. New CCR divers
  36. New CCR Diver in Borneo
  37. FINALLY GOT MY 1st TDI- Certificate DOLPHIN SCR
  38. Three new IART JJ-CCR Divers.
  39. Hello from Alabama!
  40. New Zealand's First Meg Diver
  41. The rEvo Rebreathers Australian Road Show
  42. Welcome 3 new Submatix divers from Greece
  43. Introducing Mark Woudstra, new rEvo diver in Singapore
  44. New rEvo III Micro FT diver in Singapore (and Canada)
  45. Introducing new Meg diver from Geneva
  46. 3 new rebreather divers (Meg/JJ)
  47. New Polish CCR Divers
  48. New KISS GEM Diver
  49. Congrats to Suzanne Roat, new rEvo diver in Singapore.
  50. Newish Meg diver looking for dive buddies in Malta
  51. New CCR Advanced Trimix Instructor
  52. Two New KISS Classic CCR Divers
  53. Three new Meg divers in Alberta
  54. New TDI Hammerhead Instructor in Europe!
  55. New Poseidon MkVI CCR divers in Italy
  56. Wow! That's a lot of potential CCR divers!
  57. New rEvo diver in Japan
  58. I'm new to the area
  59. New Hammerhead divers
  60. New KISS Classic CCR Diver
  61. Korean Hammerhead Divers forged in Volcano!
  62. Welcome to 2 more Hammerhead Divers!
  63. New Pathfinder Diver
  64. Drager Dolphin Divers
  65. New Hammerhead diver
  66. Some great shark shots from 2 new Pelagian divers
  67. My dive buddy is now certified!
  68. New CCR diver in Indonesia
  69. Three new Hammerhead divers
  70. First 3 Megalodon Divers certified in New Zealand