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  1. Sidemounted decobreather
  2. counter lung size
  3. CCR Diving with FFM
  4. Life jacket life raft for diving applications.
  5. Fixation on CO2?
  6. One Way Valves
  7. Why can't someone design a CMF valve that goes deeper/can a needle valve do it?
  8. CMF flow rates: O2 vs Air
  9. LSS Fundamentals
  10. The best way to mend Nylon
  11. Gorilla o2 valve ?
  12. Another take on measuring CO2
  13. Sodalime Size
  14. Breathing set clipped to drysuit?
  15. Help for a cell checker: De-Ox or narked?
  16. Question about the Oxygauge - cells rated current.
  17. JJ vs APD BMCLs - OPV placement
  18. rear mounted counter lungs for inspo
  19. I woul;d like to hear reasons and opinions for this.
  20. I would like to hear what water intrusion failures has caused you to loose a dive.
  21. Optima secondary handset malfunction or me?
  22. Override depth limitation with CMF.
  23. Please identify rebreather
  24. Northern Diver clamp vs pony. Metalsub
  25. Dive CAN/ISCAN/CAN Bus - what's the fuss?
  26. SiTech Important information regarding valves on rebreathers
  27. Liberty cell validation
  28. Po2 setpoint
  29. Prism 2 Setpoint......
  30. Kiss Sport Apeks DS4 1st stage intermediate pressure?
  31. APDiving OPV User Serviceable?
  32. KISS Classsic water ingress and control
  33. Custom Extendair?
  34. ADV functionality from modified BOV