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  1. Was it hypercapnia?
  2. PFO to close or not to close...
  3. Cheap Doppler, Any use?
  4. How long to dive after Bilateral knee replacements
  5. diving after broken wrist
  6. Reaction to trigene?
  7. Short of breath after dive
  8. diving with pericardiatitus
  9. Plea for help on an awesome project.
  10. Living at higher altitude
  11. what happens ?
  12. Looking for Buhlmann's 1983/1984 book
  13. Cervical surgery and diving questions
  14. Decompression and body composition
  15. Hearing
  16. Lymphatic Bends
  17. Steramine 1G Sanitizer
  18. Knee Support Advice
  19. Laser eye surgery and deep diving
  20. PFO Closure results
  21. HP treatment - lisinopril
  22. Possible Early Warning of Seizure
  23. Diving and Bell's Palsy
  24. Hyperoxia- not just for divers anymore!
  25. Smoking and Diving: Not a Good Idea!
  26. diving after routine colonoscopy
  27. Obesity, Fitness and Diving
  28. Do's and Don'ts for DCS Prevention
  29. Update on PFO Study
  30. hard hit data
  31. Do you know about Immersion Pulmonary Edema? You should...
  32. Article on blood flow while diving.
  33. HBOT - not so hyperbaric...
  34. How to deal with a Caustic Cocktail
  35. Scuba Diving and Coronary Artery Disease
  36. What do you think caused these symptoms...
  37. Hydration Revisited Myths Versus Facts
  38. Diving after a spinal fusion
  39. Mild cough after dive
  40. pain killers
  41. aortic aneurysm
  42. Fascinating lecture on Decompression by Dr. Simon Mitchell
  43. Funny ears
  44. Trimix/decompression diving after a bone fracture
  45. Does Oxygen Go Bad? Using OLD O2 ?
  46. This is why you want to disinfect your loop!
  47. Training for in water recompression?
  48. Bubbels echocardio video?
  49. Why You Want to Stay on Your Loop AFTER the Dive
  50. Careful What You Eat: Gassy Divers More Prone to DCS?
  51. explain cardio health and deco to me
  52. Diving after Distal Bicep Tendon Surgery
  53. Dive Risk Factors, Gas Bubble Formation, and Decompression Illness
  54. My DSC Hit
  55. Clinical Treatment of Caustic Cocktail also involving inhalation