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  1. Strange Reaction...
  2. CO2 tolerance
  3. Diving medicine conference at the National Maritime College of Ireland
  4. Could you save your ccr buddy??
  5. CNS discussion (split from the infamous AM thread)
  6. turbulent flow vs. laminar
  7. Knee op.
  8. Trimix diver self-treatment
  9. Can you tell when your tissues are loaded?
  10. CNS limit. True or false
  11. DRDC Doppler Training Tapes
  12. Hypercapnia and High Blood Pressure
  13. What should a good Emergency/First Aid Kit contain?
  14. Hypercapnia detection post mortem?
  15. Waran and Diving
  16. You can drink to much water!
  17. Is it Hypercapnia or Hypoxia?
  18. Going under after going under
  19. Hazard, Crushed Sodalime Packed In Plastic Bags
  20. Study of Health of Rebreather Divers
  21. Helium solubility
  22. ear problem pure O2
  23. Stuffed nose/sinuses after rebreatherdiving
  24. Rebreather diving and tinnitus
  25. Hyperbaric chamber Explosion- South Florida
  26. Trip Insurance Issue: Read & Contact DAN
  27. PFO's
  28. Eyes
  29. Infection possibly caused by my rebreather
  30. Why Cant I Dive !! .. ?
  31. TYPE 1 Pain Only Hit
  32. Computer mouse elbow injury and DCS?
  33. Station wagon effect?
  34. Discussion on Co2 monitoring (split from another Apoc thread)
  35. OUCH-Extreeme Jaw pain
  36. slightly OT, Q for anaesthesists/biochemists
  37. PFO closure and toe/tee result
  38. Hypoxia
  39. What do we really know about O2, CNS and OTUs?
  40. steroids
  41. Blood thinners and other sports
  42. The straw that broke the divers back.
  43. Heart rate monitors & CO2 effects
  44. Annual Dive Medicals
  45. Experience with DDAVP (Minirin)
  46. Sleep Apnea and Pulmonary Edema
  47. Testing for CO2 retention? Critical or Not?
  48. Can you train yourself to not be a CO2 retainer?
  49. Looking for Divers with a PFO for a Research Study
  50. Diving Medicine for Scuba Divers
  51. diving after pituitary gland tumor removal
  52. The Body Mass Index and voodoo science
  53. PFO Closure and flying
  54. Effect of in-water oxygen pre-breathing at different depth on decompression-induced b
  55. Relationship of hypercapnia to spO2?
  56. Stands\Supports, Disc Herniations...
  57. CO2 and near death experiences
  58. Pain in throat and chest after freediving
  59. Diving with Bruises
  60. Diving RB on Enbrel??
  61. Tooth ache at depth ?
  62. CCR vs OC for asthmatics
  63. PFO possible occluder failure
  64. CO2's allosteric mediation of hemoglobin's effect on capillaries?
  65. Edmonds' Diving Medicine - Diving Medicine for Scuba Divers 2010 Edition - Free
  66. CNS O2 toxic and Anti-oxidants
  67. Diving with elbow Bursitis?
  68. who can explain ppo
  69. TCD test for PFO
  70. Help diving research by completing short online survey