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  1. Blood donation & diving
  2. Problem with nose - medical advice required.
  3. Ear Infections
  4. Pure O2 CCR Dive Time and Depth limits.
  5. pulse oximetry
  6. What can the medical community do for Tech Divers?
  7. Air quality
  8. Heating systems - many deco risks?
  9. DCI: What could have triggered it?
  10. My bad news for the year
  11. "Can antioxidants protect scuba divers?"
  12. Leaking Mitral valve
  13. on the patches
  14. is there a doctor in the house
  15. C02 pain relief question
  16. Time to Dive after surgery
  17. Are all caustic cocktails the same?
  18. Undeserved hits / Is it possible to make sure we dont get em?
  19. PFO devices: do you notice yours?
  20. Scopalamine and diving
  21. Soft pallet issues…
  22. Caustic Cocktails - First Aid / Treament
  23. PFO Closed and now got the "All Clear"
  24. Dirty loop and lung infection?
  25. Cleaning Counter Lungs & Loop Hoses with...
  26. Aerospace Medical Association Journals
  27. ASD/PFO closed - Meg bought
  28. what do we know about high ppO2's?
  29. Alveolar gas equatiion
  30. Can divers with a PFO, still dive on O2 CCR?
  31. Pearce Resurgence deep exploration and also shallow incident
  32. Dan & Myopia
  33. Diving with Pacemaker
  34. How long should I wait?
  35. Diving Research Ideas
  36. Laser corrective eye surgey and diving?
  37. How deep should a child go?
  38. Pulmonary Toxicity Q
  39. In Water Recompression - Split from Oriskany Thread
  40. Rapid Neuro Exam
  41. CO2 and red blood cell count.
  42. advise on a bend and diving after a bend
  43. Compartment Syndrome.
  44. Wierd Scenario
  45. Diving Whilst taking Diclofenac
  46. My ear hurts.
  47. Vitamin E - how safe?
  48. How bad is sorb dust for our lungs?
  49. How much oxygene does a uncounsious diver use per minute?
  50. HELP - avoid closure of decompression chamber
  51. Why does blood come out of my nose after diving?
  52. Management of Mild or Marginal Decompression Illness in Remote Locations
  53. Weird comment from a scuba doc
  54. Bloody Eyeballs
  55. How long to Dive After Hemmo operation?any similar experience?
  56. looking for RBW members that are Docs
  57. Frequency of "Skin Bends"?
  58. Does Dehydration / Fatigue lead to DCS?
  59. Recovering An Unconscious Diver From Depth
  60. Diver Friendly Doctors
  61. Diving after septum surgery
  62. Dodgy nashers ( Root canal needed)
  63. Metabolic Modelling
  64. Suggested reading list: In-water recompression.
  65. Undersea Hyperb Med. 2007 May-Jun;34(3)
  66. middle ear oxygen absorption syndrome
  67. Doppler Measurements
  68. What medical testing should RB divers get?
  69. My suggestion for the day.
  70. Abdominal bend?