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  1. MiniHH CCR on video
  2. Summer Fun, St Claire River
  3. New CCR meeting video
  4. Diving dredger wreck video
  5. Casino Island - St. Lawrence River (video)
  6. HH CCr under ice
  7. Surface Interval Clothing: NASA EVA Space Suit Test Dive
  8. HH under ice again
  9. Rappin MIKE On-It
  10. MK15 with ROV as buddy
  11. Timmy's Prayer
  12. Keys 4/10 Shallow Reefs
  13. Scooter dive off Catalina Island Subbmited for DIve-extras contest.
  14. Wrecks & Reefs - FL Keys April 2011
  15. RBs don't make any difference...
  16. Outterbanks Diving Video
  17. Diving in the Amazon
  18. cave Diving with DIvertug
  19. Blue Lake - Castelo de Bode - Portugal
  20. Deep Dive - Megalodon CCR
  21. Megalodon course 2012
  22. Seal vs Sentinel CCR
  23. Jetboots pushing a MK15 on a film shoot in Hawaii
  24. CCR Lake diving
  25. CCR Deep Dive -86m
  26. Inspo lake dive
  27. Rebreathering for fun
  28. fun dive with wife
  29. Captian Roberts Mine
  30. 4 critters in a minute a video about critters in British Columbia Canada
  31. 4 Underwater Creatures in a Minute Whytecliff park the shallows
  32. Dive Site Review British Columbia Canada ( warm water diver you are missing out)
  33. Encounter with a Baby Giant Pacific Octopus
  34. Colourful reef dive (10-30m) in Philippines
  35. Diving the Hollis Explorer in Hawaii
  36. Decorating a Jess Stark tree
  37. Can you name the dancing diver?
  38. Our very own Fergus learning to use the GoPro underwater
  39. Grey Nurse Shark on CCR
  40. UWLD LEDs vs Halcyon and Salvo HIDs
  41. France : Lac du Vouglans