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  1. How to easily add/remove kg 3 on a Sentinel
  2. VR Handset, diff to a VRx??
  3. Sentinel Software - Reset
  4. 3L Dil cylinder in a L3 unit?
  5. sentinel hose size?
  6. Harness replacement?
  7. OK, having an idiot moment!!
  8. New Sentinel Diver
  9. The next best thing since slice bread…EXPEDITION SENTINEL
  10. Software upgrade?
  11. Sentinel Expedition
  12. New Sentinel diver
  13. Off-board gas kit - BOV question
  14. Off-board gas 1st stage?
  15. Anyone tried lengthening the gas blocks?
  16. Who can make me a P-port for the Sentinel BOV?
  17. New Sentinel Diver
  18. Why there is no expiration CL?
  19. Laryngospam/pulmonary edema
  20. oxygen gas block problem
  21. OPV setting?
  22. Any ingenious ways of fitting a torch?
  23. Congratulations to new Sentinel Diver!
  24. Another new Sentinel
  25. Best practice sharing: BOV or not?
  26. BOV usage in cold water
  27. What is the hose size of the Sentinel?
  28. The Worlds first gaseous CO2 monitoring system, C02 Is No Longer Scary
  29. is corrosion in Temp Stick cable an issue?
  30. CO2 monitoring system datas
  31. Sentinel Extendair cartridge
  32. Water in OPV cover
  33. Hi Guys Anyone in Cumbria
  34. Yee ha! 900bar in my dil cylinder!
  35. Temperature TPM - FILTER NO COMM
  36. Sentinel hoses
  37. few questions
  38. Leak with a Mushroom
  39. Congratulations two new Sentinel diver
  40. More sentinal questions
  41. Sofnolime vs Spherasorb
  42. Sentinel's CO2 sensor
  43. suit / wing inflate quandry!
  44. DSV/BOV Alternatives
  45. My upgraded sentinel came back today!!!
  46. US Based Instructor Training - Sentinel and Ouroboros
  47. instuctions or user guide for the co2 sensor?
  48. plactic broken
  49. My Sentinel stands up
  50. How much weight do you carry with your Sentinel?
  51. How do you manage your canister
  52. That wonderful man at Tecme!
  53. Test flyin this babe
  54. My Ali Stand finally
  55. How do You Manage with offboard kit
  56. Important notice to all Sentinel Owners - BCD Springs
  57. Taking the Sentinel CCR Rebreather cross over course
  58. Any news on the Sentinel frame and travel lung?
  59. CCR WOB Chart
  60. Kent Tooling stand development done!!!
  61. Oh Woe is me
  62. Off Board Gas Kit QC-6
  63. keep getting o2 Mv warning.
  64. opv stuck open
  65. Travelling with the Sentinel...
  66. Auto turn on?
  67. O2 leakage!
  68. Problem with CO2 sensor
  69. springs come out the base of the scrubber.
  70. Free machined steel conterlung port!!