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  1. Trip report Littlehampton The Albair and an unknown
  2. Freef's trip reports.
  3. Freef in 2006.
  4. (non-RB) Trip Report... (long!)
  5. U853 aboard M/V Explorer
  6. Protec Playa Del Carmen: Two Thumbs Up
  7. Norway/Bergen 2007, small trip.
  8. The Delta Diaries, A couple of good wrecks and a few cock-up's.
  9. A couple of good wrecks and a few cock-up's. Day 2
  10. Scapa Flow May 2007
  11. Great Great Lakes Wreck Diving
  12. A rebreather trip report by association.
  13. Murreeeeeeeeeee!
  14. Norway on Gaelic rose
  15. MV Trident - The inaugural "USS Hammerhead" trip
  16. 23rd June “You Submatix rabble are the chavs of diving”.
  17. Ocean Quest Mine Quest Project 2007
  18. Diving a virgin
  19. Rebreather Trip report John Gill and Markham
  20. Last one of June, should have been Plymouth.
  21. North Sea trip
  22. 2nd July “You can kit up here and have a drift dive to the Bus Stop”.
  23. Marsa Alam - Emperor Divers
  24. Fantastic Voyage to Wrigley Field
  25. Delta Diaries: Thats it, I quit deep diving.
  26. The Norness
  27. Diving a Dream, Andrea Doria 2007!
  28. Trip Report, Rebreather Diving in Ambon, Indonesia
  29. World Record - Gigi Casati Reaches -205 with Voyager Rebreather - Vrelo Cave Croatia
  30. Tortugas Deep Wreck Trip
  31. It's August, and its friken Cold! SS Carolina trip aboard the Independence II
  32. Rebreatherdiving with children in Kristianssand, Norway
  33. Bonaire Trip
  34. Diving week in Malta - August 2007
  35. Thresher sharks and the new ISC 4th cell
  36. The real "Mighty O"
  37. Marinequest Eyemouth
  38. Diving Lake Tahoe
  39. Otjikoto Lake - Namibia
  40. Carpathia Trip report
  41. RB Friendly in Palau
  42. Gigi Casati Majerovo Croatia spring REB exploretaion. The syphon reaches -104m.
  43. Forest Diving In Thailand
  44. 220 caves maps in NorthEast Veneto Region - Italy
  45. The USS S-5 and Resor
  46. R M S Egypt 2007 Expedition
  47. Megalodon used in hunt for Alaska's oldest American Wreck
  48. 9th October: “It’s like diving with a set of Mechano”.
  49. Trip report: Gulen Dykkesenter, near Bergen, Norway
  50. Malta Trip Oct 07
  51. Moving to Dubai in November
  52. El Quseir with a rEvo
  53. Deepest Reb Wreck dive set by Luigi Casati -211 Jolanda Wreck Red Sea (!!)
  54. 31st October “Why do you think we stayed down longer?”
  55. First Meg´s on the "Elisabeth Bornhofen"
  56. Viminale Cruise South Italy sept 2007
  57. The hunt for "Chimera Monstrosa"
  58. 10th November “Why is it called the ‘Podsnap’?”
  59. Oliero Vastagna Survery and exploration project
  60. Pirate's Cove CCR and Wreck Week 07 Report
  61. Here is a report on my trip
  62. My MOD 3 course with Dave Cooper
  63. Rebreather Demo with DiversCove in Ohio
  64. 6th December “I’m only 22 you know”.
  65. Bonaire dive operator recommendations
  66. 12th December “What do we know about sewing, we’re all men!”
  67. Tenerife trip report
  68. Peru
  69. Montego Bay, Jamaica
  70. 2nd Jan 2008 “You two make us look sane”.