Truk Lagoon

  1. Oite Destroyer Truk stern
  2. Oite Destroyer Truk midships looking towards the stern
  3. Oite Destroyer Truk
  4. Fujisan Maru
  5. Fujisan Maru
  6. Simon M on the Shotan Maru
  7. Scary looking South African!!!
  8. Professor Simon Mitchell, enjoying the Fujikawa Maru
  9. Stern section of the Shotan Maru
  10. Stern section of the Shotan Maru
  11. Stern section of the Shotan Maru
  12. Engineroom of the Kensho Maru
  13. Famous Lanterns of the Kyosumi Maru
  14. Stern section of the Nippo Maru
  15. Flat bed truk on the starboard side of the Nagano wreck.
  16. Deepest wreck in Truk - Katsuragisan Maru
  17. Leigh Bishop holding a lantern on the Nippo Maru
  18. Momokawa Maru Bridge
  19. Main Control bay on the Rio
  20. Rio Engine room exit.
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