Hammerhead Images

  1. Viper1
  2. A little propaganda for the forth of July!
  3. This is what I normally wear under my drysuit. In Florida caves I omit the vest. "Shaken, not stirred!"
  4. John Katerenchuk doing deco after a 265' dive into Eagle's Nest cave system. One can see the chimney entrance in the upper center of this image.
  5. John Katernechuk comes over for a visit during his deco after a 265' cave dive into Eagle's Nest.
  6. John Katerenchuk doing deco after a 265' cave dive into Eagle's Nest, along the upstream section. The chimney entrance can be seen in the center of...
  7. John Katerenchuk scooters into Jackson Blue cave system with his HammerMeg on his back and using a UV-18.
  8. John Katerenchuk scooters along the gallery in Ginnie Springs. HammerMeg in use.
  9. John Katerenchuk scooters about 2300' feet into Jackson Blue cave system, using his HammerMeg.
  10. Self portrait of myself in the "Devil's Eye" entrance of Ginnie Springs, wearing my Classic Hammerhead CCR with Rev C+ electronics.
  11. Jon Taylor entering "Devil's Ear" with his new Genesis 1200 scooter.
  12. Gabe Lamarre entering "Devil's Ear" with his Submerge Viper scooter.
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