CCR Ray electronics

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  1. suunto xmit1
  2. Breakthrough detection using sorb
  3. rings
  4. log data from the second test dive showing depth and ppo2 readings for the three sensors.
  5. holding the oled and board down during potting - filling to half way up
  6. half filled
  7. final fill and glass microscope slide axcross OLED surface to maintain clarity.
  8. box for potting the handset
  9. HUDcompleted
  10. potting the HUD
  11. Finished HUD before potting
  12. the 13x75mm plastic test tubefor HUD potting
  13. rapid prototyped cell holders
  14. Compact Trap large
  15. how it was suposed to go together
  16. back view showing the pod mounted alongside the oxygen cylinder
  17. front view. HUD all green. handset cable a bit too long.
  18. handset working on tyhe bench display now finalised
  19. pool testing. it works
  21. view into the case showing the mounting bracket
  22. base of the electronics pod with the cap apoxied in place
  23. electronics pod showing the plug, the battery holder and pcb with the mbed lpc11u24 mounted onboard.
  24. closeup of the plug whilst potting in the cable glands
  25. fully assembled and ready to go
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